Mission Statement

The purpose of Heartland Baptist Network (HBN) is to assist in strengthening churches through cooperative participation by encouraging leadership development, mobilizing kingdom planting, and promoting church vitality.


Heartland Baptist Network’s authority is derived from the churches it serves. It is not legislative, but may discipline through withdrawal of fellowship. Its leaders are to be agents of reconciliation within and between cooperating churches where such efforts are needed and welcomed. The HBN Constitution and Bylaws can be found here.

The Network, in session, shall be composed of messengers who, as members of cooperating Baptist churches, are elected and certified by said churches that have voluntarily accepted the nature, purpose, and doctrinal affirmation of the Network. 

Messengers are duly elected by the churches. A Church with 50 resident members or less can have 5 messengers. Churches may add 1 messenger for each additional 50 resident members or major fraction (26 or more). A Church is limited to 10 messengers. Any Network Officer is included in the Churches’ messengers. The HBN messengers assign tasks to be carry out by the Network Leadership Team (NLT) in the interim between annual meetings.

The Network Leadership Team (NLT) is comprised of 13 members including the Director of Missions, Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Resource Team Leader, Advance Team Leader and 4 At-Large Members. The NLT meets the last Monday, 7 PM in January and April and during the HBN August Picnic. The HBN moderator chairs the meeting. Any cooperating church may send observers to the Network Leadership Team meetings. An observer may speak to any issue, but only Team members may vote.

Leadership Team Meetings are the last Monday of January, April and July at 7 PM.           

Leadership Team Meetings will be at:

     Riverton First Baptist Church

     975 E Riverton Rd.

     Riverton IL 62561

The Advance Team (AT) is comprised of nine (9) individuals including both pastors and lay persons. This Teams is to assist churches in the areas of developing leaders, pastors, deacons, mission trips, disaster relief, church planting, Sunday School/small groups, evangelism, VBS, prayer-walking, Worship, conflict resolution and pastoral/staff searches. The RT administers all the resources and equipment like projectors, party, copier, folder, laminator, etc. available for use by member churches.

Advance Team meetings consult the calendar.

Advance Team Meetings will be at:

     Prince of Peace

     2630 Whittier Avenue

     Springfield IL 62704

The Resource Team (RT) is comprised of nine (9) individuals including both pastors and lay persons. The RT nominates leaders in HBN, prepares a proposed budget, submits detailed quarterly financial reports, conducts the annual evaluation of the Director of Missions and recommend compensation packages for Network personnel. It also reviews the Constitution and By-laws of the Network annually. Check the HBN calendar for the meeting dates.

Resource Team meetings consult the calendar.